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What is...?

Fishguard is a brand new software and hardware embedded sytem that solves various problems faced by fish farmers.

Farm Monitoring & Managing

Farmers can control thier farm in fingertips with fishguard !

Farming Products Shopping

Famers can buy farming equipment and products from Fishguard online shopping area.

Learn Fish Farming

We included fish farming lessons, tips, and expert farming solutions.

fish farming


Say goodbye to logging books and individual test kits, we bring you the latest technology to your hands, which make your farming more simple and productive.

Live Farm

Fish guard technology helps you monitor your farm via an android application with a live internet connection.

Water Parameters

The system is capable of measuring water parameters such as pH, Txic Amonia, Tds, Salinity, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen and Alkanlinity


it also helps in measuring water level and aeration of the tank. The system gives an alert when any of these reaches its borderline.

Change Over

The device has an advanced feature for controlling the power of the farm (switching between electricity board and generator). The Power controlling system can be configured in two modes, one is automatic and the other is manual. In manual mode the user has the overall authority in switching changer over and operating generators by using the app.


In automatic mode the device will continuously monitor the voltages from the electricity board, UPS and generators , when the power from electricity board is lost the device waits 70% discharge of the UPS after that the device will automatically start the generator ,if the generator parameters are healthy the device will use the generator to power the farm. If the generator is not functioning after 3 attempts the device will give and alert to the user using the app with the correct information why the generator is not powered on, when the electrical power is restored the device will switch EB (Electricity board) to power the farm.

Aerator Control

Users can control the aerators of the farm by just adding an add-on module to the fish guard. An add-on module is capable of controlling 7 aerators at a time. The Add-on aerator module has mainly two modes (automatic & manual). In manual mode user can simply turn on and turn off the aerator by simply tapping on off button in the app. In automatic mode the device will alternatively turn on and turn off the aerator at a specified interval given by the user. User can also purchase farming products at the lowest price from the app.

Additional Features


By using the app the user can store the mortality rate of a tank, feed details. also user can easy to keep records (income and expenditure) of farm and view summary.


The fishguard application also supports regional languages.


User can also purchase farming products at the lowest price from the fishguard app.